Story behind The Prink’s Diwali Cracker Chocolate box

Story behind The Prink’s Diwali Cracker Chocolate box

Story behind The Prink’s Diwali Cracker Chocolate box

 With Diwali around the corner, and increasing amount of air pollution many states have started weighing their options of whether celebrations are more important or the very existence of their posterity. Keeping this in mind the state governments have felt that banning a few crackers wouldn’t be a problem in order to save the state, its environment and the animals.

So, can there be a Diwali without crackers? Well, lets go to its history before we can come up with an answer.

Diwali also called the festival of lights is celebrated every year in remembrance of Lord Rama returning to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana after killing Ravana the demon king of Lanka. The villagers in celebration lighted diyas and exchanged sweets to celebrate Rama’s homecoming. This tradition has been followed every year since then as the festival of Diwali wherein people light diyas in their houses, distribute sweets among relatives and burst fire crackers that light up the sky.

The tradition of bursting fire crackers has not been mentioned in the Ramacharitmanas authored by Tulsidas. The tradition of bursting crackers came from the Chinese who used to make them from bamboo. With time passing by and new technology coming in, bursting crackers on Diwali became a thing. People started bursting crackers which was interpreted as a way of warding off evil spirits. To this day Diwali has been always celebrated by bursting firecrackers, and most of us have felt that Diwali is incomplete without fire crackers.

However, one needs to take into account the side effects that come with bursting fire crackers. Not only does it is filling the air with smoke but also harming animals and increasing the number of respiratory infections among senior citizens or infants.

Keeping in mind al these occurrences over the past 30-40 years and signing various environmental protocols, the state governments have felt the need to save the environment first. In that regard they have introduced various laws banning the sale and purchase of crackers.

Coming back to the first question, can one celebrate Diwali without bursting fire crackers? The answer is yes, one can.

Introducing the Diwali Cracker Chocolate box by The Prink.

The Prink’s Diwali Chocolate box consists of 6 different kinds of fire crackers made of chocolate instead of gunpowder which you can eat and share with your friends and family. The best part is that it neither causes air pollution, nor does it cause respiratory harm to senior citizens or infants. It is also something that you can gift your relatives without worrying as to what unique sweets you can give to your near and dear ones.

The fire crackers that come in this box are safe for indoor use. One doesn’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt from it or getting sick from it. It consists of the following –

  • Flower pot– The outer shell of the flower pot is made of white chocolate and is filled with cookies and cream.
  • Garland Cracker– The garland cracker is a combination of milk and chocolate which will give you a crisp crunch of berries and nuts in every bite.
  • Lakshmi Vedi– This cracker made up of smoked coffee is sure to light up your day with joy and energy.
  • Rocket– This Diwali lets send rockets of dark chocolate to our neighbour’s that would not only fill them with joy but will also bring down the stress of getting the house burnt because of these local rockets.
  • Bomb– With every bomb you chew you will feel the goodness of dates and cashew dipped in milk chocolate
  • Chakkar– Feel the uniting joy of milk and dark chocolate in every swirl

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Are they these not tickling your tongues and if you are waiting to find more about this Diwali cracker chocolate box please click on the following link -

Hoping, you have understood that Diwali can be celebrated without bursting crackers and one can yet retain all the joy it brings by lighting diyas and sharing the Diwali cracker chocolate box. Let’s celebrate a green Diwali without compromising the oxygen needs of our future generations by bursting crackers.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and a blessed Diwali!

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